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Combining expertise in the fight against cancer – new partner in the MENA region joins international FiZ project

CEDEM AG joins German Genethics Network to establish an Optimizing Cancer Treatment Service named OptiCancer
Frankfurt, March 15th, 2017 – The FIZ Frankfurt Biotechnology Innovation Center and its German Genethics Network Partners entered into a partnership with CEDEM AG Germany. As a pioneer company working in healthcare sector, CEDEM AG will represent FiZ in the MENA region. 
FiZ, a market-oriented technology center, has advanced into an important reference point for innovation projects in the “life sciences” arena. FiZ offers companies and scientific organizations a platform for their innovation networks. At the same time, it acts as a network partner itself and connects active stakeholders from industry, science and politics – on a national and international level. The focus of FiZ synergy projects is placed on precision medicine and disruptive business models in the healthcare sector. For this purpose, FiZ together with leading partners builds internationally competitive Big Data and software solutions. The collaboration of FiZ network companies and partners in new markets delivers far more than just technology export: the purpose is to adapt existing solutions to the specific needs of the target market, to further develop them with local partners, and so to initiate innovation.
Within the German Genethics project FiZ aims to achieve a data-based optimization of cancer therapies through genetic profiling. The molecular genetic diagnosis of a cancer biopsy is being linked with the collected knowledge of cancer and its therapies. As a final service, physicians receive a well-founded individualized therapy recommendations for their patients that they can use as a second opinion or to confirm their own choice of therapy. This innovative approach is being introduced to the MENA region under the name OptiCancer, which has already been successfully presented during the 2017 Arab Health medical congress in the UAE.
CEDEM Managing Director, Ms. Rasha Oudeh, said: “MENA region with 256.000 estimated cancer cases, which is expected to increase to 365.000 cases in 2020, is an ideal market to be addressed with this approach. Cancer Care Program, a nonprofit coverage program at the King Hussein Cancer Center in Jordan, has 110.000 outpatient visits and 3.500 new cancer cases per year. Cancer is a complex disease, which we fight joining expertise and know-how across the countries”. “We are proud to support physicians in the Middle East by establishing this pioneering German service in our region”, added Ms. Oudeh.

FiZ Managing Director, Dr. Christian Garbe, who is supported by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Steinmann, chairman of FiZ scientific advisory board, said: “We are delighted to work together on this ambitious mission of accessible genomic-based personalized healthcare, ensuring better care for individuals and better health for population. “

Big Data for the future of cancer therapy –
Scientist from Boston joins international FiZ project

FiZ Frankfurt Biotechnology Innovation Center joins forces  with German Genethics project to step up fight against cancer

Frankfurt/Boston, January 08, 2017 – FiZ has won the renowned specialist for translational medicine, Dr. Calum A. MacRae, as a consultant for the German Genethics project. Dr. A. Calum MacRae is professor at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital that belongs to the Harvard Medical School (HMS). The internationally recognized expert in human genetics and clinical genetics will lead the cooperation with German Genethics that launches today in Boston. In a joint workshop FiZ and its associated partners – BioVariance, Cyntegrity, GFE Blut, Intelligent Data Analytics and Personome – together with Dr. MacRae defined a concrete roadmap for the next six months during which the human geneticist will serve as an advisor to German Genethics.

German Genethics aims to achieve a data-based optimization of cancer therapies: Its unique structured data base links the molecular genetic diagnosis of a sample of an individual’s cancer tissue with the collected knowledge of cancer and its therapies. Physicians receive well-founded individualized therapy recommendations for their patients that they can use as a second opinion or to confirm their own choice of therapy. The target markets of German Genethics are emerging markets such as India and the Philippines where the project cooperates with local scientific institutions.

Dr. Calum A. MacRae said, “German Genethics is really exciting for us. I am certain that the smart use of Big Data will be very important for the supply of health services in the future.”

Volker Bouffier, Prime Minister of the Federal State of Hesse and a member of the FiZ supervisory board, said, “The cooperation with Harvard University honors the work of everyone involved with the project at FiZ. The government of Hesse is delighted with the success of FiZ as a platform for new digital and international business models.”

Ayurveda, ancient empirical medicine and high-tech precision medicine should better complement each other in future based on evidence

On Thursday, 31st October 2019, Dr Christian Garbe, managing director of Frankfurter Innovationszentrum Biotechnologie GmbH (FiZ) and Prof. Dr Tanuja Nesari, director of All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in New Delhi during the German-Indian government consultations led by German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

NYU Dental Study Links Life’s Milestones to a Biological Rhythm in Teeth

Why do rats mature faster than humans? While the daily circadian clock controls much of an organism’s daily pace of development, it’s impossible to explain enormous variations in age at maturity and other developmental milestones just by looking at differences in this daily rhythm.  

Frankfurt Needs a “Data Hub”

Frankfurt a.M., September 24th, 2015 – Some 20 high-level representatives of the regional economy, science, and politics came together today at the Frankfurt Innovation Center (FiZ) to identify strategies for establishing Frankfurt as a prime location in global big-data competition. The initiator of the event, Dr. Christian Garbe, the managing director of FiZ, stated that digitalization produces business models with entirely new opportunities for creating value, which would be worth utilizing.


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