Experience meets Pioneering Spirit
Frankfurt Forward

Digitalization destroys existing business models – and thus paves the way for innovative alternatives. The FiZ assists companies in using disruptive forces for their own further development.

The Concept

Fresh perspectives for established business models: Frankfurt Forward brings together CEOs of seasoned Frankfurt industrial concerns with CEOs of local start-ups in order to develop solutions to current or future challenges.

The Particulars

Here, traditional business models and experience can meet up with pioneering spirit and a wealth of ideas. Frankfurt Forward brings together at one table CEOs whose everyday activities are worlds apart. A group dinner in a private setting, with a focus on a specific task and a moderated exchange of ideas, all result in new ideas and original solutions to current issues.

The Result

Win-win: industrial concerns receive inspiration beyond the proven solution strategies. Start-ups profit from the fact that they can introduce themselves and present their innovation offers. And as a separate side benefit, Frankfurt Forward supports the local Frankfurt economy.

Resource of the future
Initiative "Data Airport"

Data is the resource of the future. The city of Frankfurt has an excellent IT infrastructure and with DE- CIX houses the largest commercial network nodes in the world. A "data airport for health" could make use of these advantages and create a central platform for medical knowledge..  

The Idea

The health industry is recording more and more personalized data; due to its decentralized availability, its potential has so far not been exhausted. An aggregation of knowledge could contribute to making more precise diagnostics and to developing new therapies. At the same time, an internationally successful high-tech infrastructure for storage and processing of medical data could be developed at the Frankfurt location.

The Success

The data airport would be a huge step forward for medical research and development. At the same time, it could promote new digital business models and position Frankfurt as a big-data site and international data hub. 

The Implementation

The kick-off event for the data airport took place in September 2015. FiZ has since been able to attract several high-level partners from industry, science, and politics for the initiative. 


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