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The groundbreaking ceremony for FiZ was held in 2002. One thing above all was seen at Frankfurt Riedberg: a great deal of free space. The first construction phase of FiZ was started in 2004, followed by the second construction phase in 2008, and six years later by the third construction phase at Altenhöferallee 5. Riedberg has meanwhile grown so much that 16,000 people live here and nearly 3000 come to work.

FiZ Heads

Prof. Dr. Schreiber - The Systematic Thinker

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The Systematic Thinker


Stefan Schreiber decodes the root causes of disease.

Linear logic is not enough for him. Stefan Schreiber wants to grasp the emergence of diseases within a system context. His objective: To stop their development and disrupt the human aging process. He starts at the smallest scale: Molecular research with a focus on chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. Because, as this gastro-enterologist will tell you, that's where many pathogenic deviations occur. The FiZ is also benefiting from his counsel: Prof. Schreiber is a member of its Supervisory Board.

"It's no longer about a single organ or disease nowadays. The real challenge involves understanding how the organs interact as well as the many dimensions of human disease."

Together with his more than 150 employees, this Berliner has assembled an unrivaled genetic research team based in Kiel. The innovative drive of this scientific team is also based on an interdisciplinary approach. Schreiber himself has always blurred the lines between the various medical specialties. One-sidedness is a foreign concept to him. The doctor feels just as at home in the laboratory, the university auditorium or the conference room, as he does at the patient's bedside. He meets people on a daily basis, whose chronic diseases he is unable to cure - a situation that highly displeases him, while simultaneously providing him with additional drive.

"The life sciences are a research and market segment, in which an economic revolution is about to occur in the next few years."


Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Schreiber (* 1962) is a member of the FiZ Supervisory Board. He is the Director of the Clinic for Internal Medicine at Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital in Kiel and Director of the Institute for Clinical Molecular Biology at the Kiel University School of Medicine. According to a new study by Thomson Reuters, Prof. Schreiber is among the most influential scientists in the world*. 

*Source: http://inflammation-at-interfaces.de/de/newsroom/aktuelles/einflussreichsten-wissenschaftler-2014

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FiZ Heads

Prof. Steinberger - The Human Geneticist

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The Human Geneticist


Daniela Steinberger catalogs genetic information.

The DNA thing has fascinated her since childhood. Since then, Daniela Steinberger has spent more than 20 years of her professional life in the field of genetic diagnostics. Her mission: Every human being should have access to his or her genetic information in order to make better therapeutic and life decisions.

"It’s about providing all of the people who want it with sovereignty over their genetic information."

In 2009, she founded a specialized center for diagnostics and consulting in outpatient medical care. Steinberger's team analyzes the genetic makeup of patients in order to target medical treatments to each individual patient, thus improving therapeutic success. A gene diagnosis can assist healthy patients in identifying the properties of their metabolism and estimating the likelihood of developing hereditary diseases.

"There is so much medical and genetic information available nowadays that we are unable to make proper use of it without complex tools."  

Our understanding of human genes grows on a near-daily basis. This improves the diagnosis but simultaneously gives rise to a problem: People are no longer able to manage all of this information. And it hasn't been saved in any archive. Toward this end, Daniela Steinberger is working with a second team to systematically synthesize genetic information. Because all of this information is of no use unless it is available to treating physicians or the gene carriers themselves at the decisive moment.


Prof. Dr. med. Daniela Steinberger (*1963) is Medical Director and Founder of the bio.logis Center for Human Genetics (CfH) and CEO and Founder of bio.logis Genetic Information Management GmbH.

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FiZ Heads

Dr. Garbe - The Networker

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The Networker


Christian Garbe sparks people's interest and ideas.

The nerdy eyeglasses are the first thing they notice. This is also why Christian Garbe could be considered "Mr. Innovation" as Petra Roth, the legendary Mayor of Frankfurt, once described him. But that's only part of the story. Garbe is a trained agronomist with a doctorate in institutional economics. Prior to his time at FiZ, he worked as a biotech analyst in the financial sector and at Novartis. This alone makes him a polymath, an expert in multiple fields. His business partners also describe him as a passionate networker who thinks outside the conventional box and sparks people's interest as well as ideas.

"It is a true passion of mine to establish a new German engineering: Innovation based on smart networking!"

This is the objective of the Frankfurt Biotechnology Innovation Center (FIZ): To create new life-science business models that provide a basis for growth. Garbe seeks and fosters companies that combine existing expertise and technologies to create innovative and profitable products. As someone who has been there from the very start, Garbe has made the Innovation Center what it is today: Since 2002, the FIZ has grown to encompass 16 companies and start-ups, employing approximately 700 people – with a clear market focus, positioned precisely at the interface between science and the market. Since 2014 and following two expansions, the FIZ has reached full capacity in the truest sense of the term.

In actual fact, Christian Garbe was just passing through Frankfurt on his way out; in the midst of the financial crisis and disenchanted with his job as an analyst, he had already packed his bags and was ready to move on. But then the request by former State Premier Roland Koch became his personal mission: To assist in the establishment of a modern life sciences sector in Frankfurt and to prepare for the digital age. The starting conditions were extremely difficult: The first biotech boom had gone bust just as the initial building phase of the FIZ was completed. The solution: An international approach and the highest level of quality. Since then, Garbe has relentlessly worked to establish the FIZ as a network partner dedicated to personalized medicine.

"New German Engineering involves our approach to digitalization and the use of new connections between issues to develop smart solutions and business models."

Christian Garbe predicts the disintegration of existing schools of thought and sectors: Growth today is occurring in the peripheral sectors and at the intersections between the sciences and the market. New opportunities will occur here. Digitalization is a major driving force here, but the greatest driving force involves people with a very special gift: The ability to move between these worlds, true entrepreneurs that can give flight to these ideas and spark the interest of other people. Conclusion: We haven't heard the last of Christian Garbe. He is certain that we are in the midst of "the most exciting of all eras". Many parts are now coming together...


Dr. Christian Garbe (* 1965) is the Chief Executive Officer of FiZ Frankfurter Innovationszentrum Biotechnologie GmbH

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FiZ Heads

The Data Decipherer

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The Data Decipherer


Artem Andrianov monitors the risks associated with clinical studies.

He's fond of chaos and seeks to master it. For Artem Andrianov this is not a contradiction: Together with his employees, the data specialist has developed an early-warning system that reviews and systematizes the data collected during a clinical study. This is his approach to making research results more reliable and cost-effective.

"Clinical studies generate a chaotic setting: They are highly complex and simultaneously involve a vast number of people. They also involve errors."

Clinical studies produce enormous amounts of data and even the smallest error can distort the overall outcome. Nevertheless, risk management remains uncharted territory in the field of pharmaceutical research - a challenge tailor-made for Andrianov: He started programming when he was just a kid, earned a doctorate in mathematical modeling, and enjoyed a successful career as a programmer.  

"We need to not only verify and organize data, we need to more quickly and reliably identify the significance of the picture formed by the data."

Nowadays, it's about so much more than that for him: He doesn't just want to sort the data, he wants to "make the data speak". To this end, he and his team are combining the experience and knowledge gained from previous studies. This enables him to generate a frame of reference that covers risks and potential errors, providing him with a proverbial "canary in a coal mine" to identify anything that might throw the system out of balance and prevent the approval of a medication.


Artem Andrianov, PhD, MBA, (*1981) is Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, and Co-Owner of Cyntegrity Germany GmbH.

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FiZ Heads

Dr. Rotter - The Super Sequencer

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The Super Sequencer


Björn Rotter perfects gene sequencing and expression analysis.

After earning his doctorate in Paris, the young biologist actually planned to apply for jobs in the conventional manner. But Dr. Peter Winter, the initiator and CEO of GenXPro, offered him the opportunity to become a member of the founding team. This is how Björn Rotter, together with his colleagues, created one of the first companies in Europe to provide gene expression analysis services with novel sequencing methods. In their laboratory, Rotter and 13 other employees study the genetics and genetic activity of biological samples and analyze the results with modern methods that employ bioinformatics - a valuable service for the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries, but also for many research institutions.

"Our molecular biology techniques reduce the complexity of samples, making sequencing less expensive and faster with excellent quality."  

Rotter and his team collect so-called nucleotide-based information from cells, biopsies, and bodily fluids, including: Genome sequence, gene activity, mutations, small RNAs, and epigenetic patterns. These provide a comprehensive picture of cell programming and function. The method developed by Rotter at GenXPro enables test material to be processed without any of the errors that typically occur with conventional methods. The exact quantification of the biological processes enabled by this method provides its fundamental quality advantage as compared to the methods of other companies.

"With our analyses, we are able to obtain a better understanding of diseases, such as cancer, and find new points of attack for therapies."

All of the techniques are based on high-throughput sequencing, a method that is currently turning the entire life sciences sector upside down. The high-resolution analyses by GenXPro are already in use for improved cancer diagnostics. GenXPro is primarily involved in early cancer diagnosis based on blood tests and providing access to targeted, individualized cancer therapies (companion diagnostics). In addition to medical research, the techniques are also used in plant breeding to identify genes with positive characteristics, such as drought tolerance and resistance to pests.

Rotter became interested in biochemistry while at University. But he wanted out of the "ivory tower" in order to use science to make a difference. And his efforts and those of GenXPro have achieved success: High-resolution analyses are now available as a service to every customer, not just a select group of insiders. The everyday work at GenXPro produces new insights that advance medical and plant sciences research.


Dr. Björn Rotter (* 1973) is Co-Founder and Scientific Director of GenXPro GmbH.  

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Campus Stats

Within the Science City Frankfurt-Riedberg, centrally located FiZ forms the bridge to the local economy and creates optimal working conditions for research, development, networking and marketing.

The FiZ has 25.000 m² of laboratory and office space with around 800 highly specialized employees. Due to construction of self-contained floors and modules, areas can be flexibly divided, combined and, depending on the individual usage concept, laboratories, clean rooms up to the S3 standard can be built in in a shorter time. In addition, there is Lab Restaurant with Lab Lounge, a day-care center, an underground parking and other extensive services provided by FiZ. 

FiZ Kids

Corporate children’s day care centre in FIZ

Since November 2013 FIZ is offering a day care center with places for 20 children aged from three months to three years. Of these places, 15 are available for employees of the companies in FIZ and 5 for children from the Riedberg district.

The bright, spacious rooms cover an area of approximately 280 square meters:

-    2 large group rooms and 2 small dormitories

-    20 m long playroom

-    fully equipped kitchen

-    children's bathroom and changing room

-    storage room for prams and pushchairs

A small, nicely arranged outdoor area with sandpit and lawn provides the opportunity to run around and dig. Regular excursions in the surrounding area, for example to the Kätcheslachpark and to playgrounds, provide further stimulation.

The children are taken care of by six childcare professionals: a manager who spends part of her time working with the groups, three full-time and two part-time employees. The children are provided every day with a full lunch and snacks, partially prepared by the teachers and children themselves.  A balanced and age-appropriate diet is ensured.

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday, 7.30 to 17.00

For companies in the FIZ
Tel.: +49 (0) 69 / 800 865 0
E-Mail: info(at)fiz-biotech.de

For parents in Riedberg
Gesellschaft zur Förderung betrieblicher
und betriebsnaher Kindereinrichtungen e.V.
Tel.: 069 / 958 067 41
Fax: 069 / 958 067 42
E-Mail: fiz-kids(at)bvz-frankfurt.de

FiZ Betriebsrestaurant

Karst Catering - Weekly meal plan

From January 11, 2021, a new caterer, Karst Catering GmbH, welcomes everyone to LabRestaurant. The caterer will serve fresh, top quality meals on a daily basis.

The LabRestaurant will be accessible to both FIZ tenants and external guests.

Karst Catering is a company based in Frankfurt am Main, which stands for reliable and personal care. Fresh, regional and contemporary cuisine, unique ideas and the desire to deliver only the best are the caterer's recipe for success

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Karst Catering
Tel.: +49 (0) 69 / 269 291 34
E-Mail: info(at)karst-catering.de
Web: karst-catering.de

Weekly Menu:

Currently, twenty companies are tenants at FIZ and provide around 800 jobs. The infrastructure of the campus with its shared services allows for flexible work, customized to the companies' individual needs. In addition, tenants also benefit from the collaboration, the interdisciplinary networks, and the access to new markets that FIZ provides. 

Bevatech OHG is a consulting agency for accelerator and vacuum technology.

Holger Höltermann



bio.logis digital health GmbH is a digital genomics company starting as a spin-off from a genetic diagnostic laboratory setting. Our goal is to develop smart applications and functionalities to drive the implementation of genetic data into clinical decision-making.
For laboratories and hospitals, the company provides highly innovative software solutions enabling automated interpretation, diagnostic reporting & delivery of genetic data. This supports patients and physicians at point of care in making informed decisions based on information derived from DNA.

The bio.logis team consists of experienced human geneticists, scientists and IT experts.
Building software solutions for complex medical tasks requires excellent software development expertise and a deep understanding of medical decision-making processes.


Cyntegrity Germany GmbH offers services and systems for risk-based monitoring of clinical studies

Dr. Ing. Artem Andrianov



Diagnosticum Center for Human Genetics is an outpatient clinical institute. It was initially called “bio.logis Center for Human Genetics” and founded by the specialist in human genetics, Prof. Dr. med. Daniela Steinberger in August 2009. Since then, the center has participated in medical care with a wide range of genetic diagnostics and counseling.

The center's team consists of experienced doctors, scientists and technical staff. The center has been a partner in Diagnosticum since July 2017. The Diagnosticum is a partnership network of doctors for laboratory medicine, pathology, microbiology and human genetics. Medical diagnostics from these medical fields are carried out on behalf of doctors from the outpatient and inpatient sectors.

Prof. Dr. Daniela Steinberger



The Indian Evolvus Group is involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing, bioinformatics, and in the development of data management systems for life sciences. 

Aniket Ausekar



Fast Forward Discoveries - FFX provides cutting-edge technologies for enzyme-free tissue dissociation and high throughput single-cell analysis - enabling breakthrough innovations in cytological analytics, medical diagnostics and cell-based therapeutics.

Felix Dirla



GenXPro GmbH is specialized in the analysis of nucleotide-based information from biological samples of any kind, combining techniques for reducing complex data with the latest high-throughput sequencing technologies.

Dr. Peter Winter



The Society for Research, Development and Distribution of Diagnostics in Blood Donor Services researches and develops diagnostic methods and automation solutions for the blood donor system. 

Dr. Reiner Babiel



INNOVECTIS GmbH is a subsidiary of the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main and offers companies different technology services.

Dr. Otmar Schöller



MBN Research Center gGmbH develops and distributes the state-of-the-art software for advanced research and computational multiscale modelling of complex Meso-Bio-Nano systems. The software has many unique features and a broad range of applications in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Materials Science, and industries.

The Center carries out a broad programme of frontier research based on the utilisation of its software, participates in collaborative research projects, organises thematic conferences, hands-on tutorials and training courses in different areas of academic and industrial research.

Prof. Dr. Andrey Solov’yov



Merz Pharma GmbH & Co. KgaA is involved in the research of metabolic, neurological, and psychiatric diseases and supplies drugs for treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other neurological and dermatological diseases. 


Octapharma specializes on the development, production, and distribution of products produced from human plasma for hemophilia, immunology, transfusion- and intensive medicine.



Perspix Biotech is radically changing the development of multi-functional biotherapeutics using end-to-end automation of lab unit operations integrated with AI driven protein engineering. The Perspix Platform allows for the development and optimization of novel biomolecular drug candidates in months, not years.

With current standard methodologies, optimization of a single drug candidate usually takes years along with very low success rates. Perspix is using its proprietary high-throughput and digitally enabled engineering solutions to create next-generation drug candidates. In the process, massive data sets are created and are used to train Perspix’s AI core. It is this combination of in-silico solutions with fully automated wet lab processes which leads to heavily increased efficiencies and which delivers substantial reductions in development cost and time.

Perspix’s vision is to make cost-effective biomedicines a reality and to improve the treatment outcomes for millions of patients.

Dr. José Airas

jose.airas (at) perspixbio.tech


The British company Proteome Sciences R&D is involved in proteome research and is concerned with the identification of protein biomarkers and target proteins for certain diseases.


Receptura Pharmaproduktion GmbH combines conventional medicine with knowledge from complementary medicine and offers numerous innovative, mostly prescription-only medicinal products for use in humans. 

Peter Cornelius



Reichwein IT-Service provides FIZ tenants with network support and complete solutions in the IT area.

Fritjof Reichwein




Dr. Hendrik Stempel



SIGNALS is a young company providing LOGS, a software platform for the digitization of laboratory research data, metadata and related workflows.

LOGS stores data automatically from  instruments, giving lab scientists and other  lab software (e.g. LIMS  & ELNs) a centralized and powerful  data repository to draw from.

Dr. Jakob J.Lopez



Sri Sri Tattva, founded under the inspiration of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, promotes holistic approach to health and wellness through a College of Ayurveda Science and Research, a state of the art Hospital, Panchakarma Wellness Centers and technology driven Manufacturing facilities with stringent quality controls.

We are a global conglomerate offering products and services across multiple categories like Ayurveda Supplements, Hygiene, Food, Personal Care and Home Care.

Karthik Jeganathan



The Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, the scientific faculties of the Goethe University, and the Frankfurt Institute of Advanced Studies are located in the immediate vicinity of FIZ. (see enclosed PowerPoint files, other high-resolution file formats are available).

Basis for innovation
The FiZ

The FiZ Frankfurt Biotechnology Innovation Center is a market-oriented technology center operated under a public-private partnership. It offers small and medium-sized business in the life sciences field a unique basis for innovation and growth. Support is provided on two levels: by the infrastructure of the FiZ campus and through the initiatives and networks of the FiZ synergy projects. 

FiZ pursues a systemic approach to innovation: Today, new developments are especially created at the interfaces of individual sciences and industries. Interdisciplinary networks are therefore an important driver of innovation. With its synergy projects, FiZ management initiates unusual collaborations and promotes the development of new business ideas and models in the areas of precision medicinenew markets and entrepreneurship.

Currently, twenty companies are tenants at FIZ and provide around 800 jobs. The infrastructure of the campus with its shared services allows for flexible work, customized to the companies' individual needs. In addition, tenants also benefit from the collaboration, the interdisciplinary networks, and the access to new markets that FIZ provides. 

„From Biology to Business“: The FiZ Management supports and develops start-ups and coordinates projects on behalf of international industry and service industry partners. Clients benefit from first-class experts coming from business, life sciences (particularly biology) and IT.

Dr. Christian Garbe

Managing Director

Dr. Christian Garbe has been the Managing Director of FiZ Frankfurter Innovationszentrum Biotechnologie GmbH since its founding in 2002. He completed his studies in agricultural sciences at Georg-August University in Göttingen and earned his doctorate in 1996 with emphasis in economics and social sciences. Subsequently, Dr. Christian Garbe began his professional career at Novartis in Basel, where he assessed potentials of biotechnology for product developments. After transitioning to DZ BANK AG in Frankfurt, he analyzed pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies there and successfully managed a biotech fund.

The focus of his work is in the development of international business models and innovative, data-driven technologies. In doing so, he consistently implements the megatrend of digitalization and the topic of industry 4.0, in which processes are digitized in a platform-based manner and used in practical applications.

Raphael Schlappa

Director of Finance & Operations

Being at FiZ since 2006, Raphael Schlappa has been managing the departments of finance, HR, IT, and real estate management as the Director of Finance & Operations and authorized representative since 2012. He completed his studies in economics with the degree of Diplom-Ökonom (Certified Economist) at the University of Hohenheim. During his studies, Raphael Schlappa had already held positions at Daimler Chrysler AG in the area of controlling and human resources in Stuttgart and Dubai. He was subsequently employed with a management consulting firm prior to moving to the Rhein-Main area.

The shareholders of FiZ GmbH, founded in 2002, are the state of Hesse, the city of Frankfurt am Main and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Frankfurt am Main. According to the shareholder agreement, the purpose of the company  is to support the development of the biotechnology economy in the Rhine Main Region, to promote and maintain the biotechnology potential available in the region, to establish companies in the biotechnology area in the region, and to create qualified jobs in this area, in particular through the operation of a center for biotechnology-oriented business start-ups and companies.

The Supervisory Board of FiZ

City Councilor Stephanie Wüst
Head of Department for Economics, Law and Reforms of the City of Frankfurt am Main (Chairman)

State Secretary Dr. Martin J. Worms
Hessian Ministry of Finance (Deputy Chairman)

City Treasurer Dr. Bastian Bergerhoff
City Treasurer and Head of Department for Finances, Investments and Personell of the City of Frankfurt am Main

Ulrich Caspar
President of Chamber of Industry and Commerce Frankfurt am Main 

State Minister Angela Dorn
State Minister at the Ministry of Science and Art of the State of Hesse 

Dr. Anna Carina Eichhorn 
Executive Board Humatrix AG

Councilor Ina Hauck
The Magistrate of the City of Frankfurt am Main

Prof. Dr. Sven Klimpel
Dean of the Faculty of Biosciences, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main 


Details as per § 5 TMG

Operator and contact details
FiZ Frankfurter Innovationszentrum Biotechnologie GmbH
Altenhöferallee 3
60438 Frankfurt am Main GERMANY

Phone: +49 (0) 69 800 865-0
Fax: +49 (0)69 800 865 19
Email: info( at )fiz-biotech.de

FiZ Frankfurter Innovationszentrum Biotechnologie GmbH is represented by
Dr. Christian Garbe
Registry and registry number: Frankfurt am Main HRB 55518

VAT ID no.:

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