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German Genethics

Precision medicine enables doctors to treat cancer patients on an individualized basis, thus increasing the chances of being cured. German Genethics assists them in finding the right therapy for each patient.

The Concept

Optimal therapy with the aid of Big Data: German Genethics combines the molecular-genetic diagnosis of individual cancerous tissue with the cumulative knowledge about various cancerous conditions and their treatment. This results in a well-founded individual treatment plan.

The Particulars

The German Genethics database, which is unique throughout the world, links information from renowned trade journals and highly specialized molecular-biological databases with the latest research results from clinical trials and knowledge about recognized treatments. By means of complex algorithms, this Big Data solution can sort the characteristics of each individual DNA sample. “Big Data” thus becomes “Smart Data”.

The Offer

Using the most modern procedures of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), German Genethics analyses the DNA of the cancerous tissue obtained from the patient. The database compares the tumor DNA with other cases and reviews the treatment options. A written recommendation for the doctor then summarizes all of the relevant information regarding suitable therapies.

A project of the following companies and research facilities

For International success
Empowering Emerging Markets E²M

Start-ups need dynamic markets that enable their growth. Emerging markets require fresh knowhow that promotes their development. With E²M, FiZ connects young companies from Frankfurt with emerging markets. 


FiZ offers consulting to international governments and organizations. It supports them in promoting local life science companies and in creating a founder-friendly corporate culture. To this end, FiZ establishes contacts with selected startups and thereby provides emerging markets with access to German high-tech solutions.  


FiZ offers young companies a platform for their innovation networks. At the same time, it acts as a network partner itself and connects active stakeholders from industry, science and politics – on a national and international level. With E²M, FiZ enables Frankfurt startups to spread the approach of the New German Engineering across the world and to make emerging markets accessible. 

Drivers of Innovation

The collaboration of Frankfurt startups and emerging markets delivers far more than just technology export: The purpose it to adapt existing solutions to the specific needs of the target market, to further develop them with local partners, and to thereby initiate innovation.


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